Salvage the Ghost EP


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"Salvage the Ghost" sees West Virginia musician Patrick McKay take his first foray into new wave and electronic music.

The album begins with "1100 AM," a pulsating electro-pop groove inspired by Coast to Coast AM. Tracks like "Ox" and "The Ghost' accentuate influences from artists like Sufjan Stevens, Yes, and Pink Floyd. "slowdrive" explores McKay's dreamy and introspective ideas of self-worth and escape, and the closing piece "Should Have Known Better" is a full re-imagining of the Sufjan Stevens song of the same name, taking it down a more electronic avenue.


released January 29, 2016

All songs written by Patrick McKay, with the exception of track 5
"Should Have Known Better" written by Sufjan Stevens (

Patrick McKay - vox, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums (acoustic and electronic), piano, synthesizers, sampling
Linsey McCollam - vox on tracks 1, 2, and 5
Aaron New - vox and guitar on track 2
Patrick McKay, Sr. - acoustic drums on track 2

Mixing by Aaron New and Patrick McKay
Mastered by Aaron New

Artwork by Michael Mussi and Patrick McKay



all rights reserved


CUSIQUE Elkins, West Virginia

CUSIQUE is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Patrick McKay.

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Track Name: 1100 AM
Drop the top on the highway
Tune into a creature thought
Does it read a little sideways
When you know the oblique is knocking?
Take a chance on the byway
Tantalize your sureness of mind
Like a drag, blowing smoke
Lost in schismatic tote
Of flesh and it's kind

And find the words in the car
The radio in tune with questions of man and not
And find these things to be real
Paragon frights and thoughts in stereo reveal

Cut the knot running my way
A nature flange is breaking the lock
Open gates surely flooding
Flush with types that we never sought
Louder thoughts bring the turning
Of grotesque men in alter rooms
Broken axe; caterwauls
Ghoulish masks in tattered stalls
Of flesh we assume

And find these words underground
Nucleic voices spreading the sound
And find the words in your head
Steering the chair and vessel nestled in green and red
Track Name: Ox
One day, colder hearts will smolder in their own hate
Charred black, remnant of a father's face
Hands like mountain rills wander beyond the dam
One night, the ox went behind the tiger and bled his brew
Stark contrast; absent of a brother's place
Hands like mountain rills stifle before the lake
Standing in the north, facing wind to the west; I fall
Stranded, sifting culled belated epithets; twin and all

Stand beside the flood, swim beneath the grass
Sacrifice the trust, cut the line that's cast
Bleeding on the phone, clot before the wound
Say your piece and leave, let her leave the room; let her leave the room
Pain is null and void, gain is all that lasts
Sitting lone and sure, share a glimpse that passed
Truly lower you are dead to middle me
See the face that's ripe; washed, effaced; and breathe
Track Name: slowdrive
I've been saving up my money
For this tank of gasoline
The roads are feeling slick
And I'm feeling mean
I been tipping bottles, spilling drinks
Feeling mink coats
I don't have the money that I want
I've got to float down

I've been driving while I'm tired
Swerving when I feel your ghost
You tickle my ribs and you grab me by the throat
My words are getting leery
And I'm starting to sweat through my skin
I've got to get on the interstate now

I've been spending time writing words on the bathroom stalls
I've got nothing to say, I've got nothing at all
I've been spending time saying words on the telephone
I've got nowhere to go, you know I have no home
Track Name: Should Have Known Better
I should have known better
To see what I could see
My black shroud
Holding down my feelings
A pillar for my enemies

I should have wrote a letter
And grieve what I happen to grieve
My black shroud
I never trust my feelings
I waited for the remedy

When I was three, three maybe four
She left us at that video store
Be my rest, be my fantasy

I’m light as a feather
I’m bright as the Oregon breeze
My black shroud
Frightened by my feelings
I only wanna be a relief

No, I’m not a go-getter
The demon had a spell on me
My black shroud
Captain of my feelings
The only thing I wanna believe

When I was three, and free to explore
I saw her face on the back of the door
Be my rest, be my fantasy

I should have known better
Nothing can be changed
The past is still the past
The bridge to nowhere
I should have wrote a letter
Explaining what I feel, that empty feeling

Don’t back down, concentrate on seeing
The breakers in the bar, the neighbor’s greeting
My brother had a daughter
The beauty that she brings, illumination

Don’t back down, there is nothing left
The breakers in the bar, no reason to live
I’m a fool in the fetter
Rose of Aaron’s beard, where you can reach me

Don’t back down: nothing can be changed
Cantilever bridge, the drunken sailor
My brother had a daughter
The beauty that she brings, illumination